Born in 1999 in Lyon, Arty Farty is a totally European and independent non-profit organisation.


We aim to develop and promote independent culture in music and the visual arts, as well as all related disciplinary fields and modern aesthetics including graphic design, food and digital creation...



In this regard, Arty Farty invents and produces events, the main ones being Nuits Sonores Lyon (since 2003), the European Lab forum (since 2011) and Nuits Sonores Tangier (since 2013).


We also provide advice and artistic direction for other organisations and cultural venues, such as Le Sucre in Lyon (since 2013). We have also worked with a range of businesses, brands, agencies, communities and cultural institutions. Over 15 years, we have developed projects in over thirty cities across the globe, mostly in Europe.


Arty Farty has broadened its horizons artistic management for a number of emerging artists, both French and international, and a few well-established artists, such as Laurent Garnier.



Arty Farty is now part of a larger ecosystem that began to develop in 2010. This includes Culture Next (Le Sucre’s management company), A.K.A. (a booking agency created in partnership with Alias) and Transmission (Le Transbordeur’s management company). In 2015, Arty Farty is also working on a music catalogue in digital publishing (with ABM) and the creation of a creative hub bringing the ecosystem closer to the organisation in a physical location, as well as an incubator for cultural enterprises and a space for co-working.


We are committed to several European networks, including De Concert!, Yourope and Culture Action Europe. We are regularly in dialogue with European authorities, especially for their expertise or as European project leaders (especially under the Europe Creative Program 2014-2020).


Arty Farty is 83% self-financed. Our public resources (17%) come from the European Union, the City of Lyon, the Rhône-Alpes Region and the Ministry of Culture.
Today, we have 24 full-time employees and 1000 members. Our assignments and projects are carried out in collaboration with fifty partners, sponsors and patrons, and over 100 cultural organisations (that are particularly involved in the Nuits Sonores festival and the European Lab forum) as well as some 500 suppliers and service providers.