Half backward-looking nostalgia, half forward-thinking audacity: the line-up for this fifteenth birthday edition of Nuits Sonores is nothing if not ambitious.


In an epic game of mirrors, a selection of the original pioneers of free music will share the bill with a new breed of exciting independent artists who reflect their timeless spirit.


From Pharoah Sanders to Einstürzende Neubauten and to The Chemical Brothers, and from Mustafa Ozkent to Vitalic, the presence of these legends helps us to understand ever more keenly today’s artistic movements and trends, making more sense than ever in a digital era more conducive to producing mediatised monsters than any art of lasting value.

At the other end of this temporal spectrum, we find Stormzy, Khidja, Harvey Sutherland, The Pilotwings, and more: cutting edge artists who will define our festivals of tomorrow.


This fifteenth edition will serve as the ultimate coming together of a group of legendary figures who have shown unswerving loyalty to the Nuits Sonores cause and who continue to push back the boundaries, with a new generation who embody our urgent contemporary need to look to the future.