Nuits sonores 2017: feeling hungry ?

Anciennes usines Fagor-Brandt

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Les Subsistances

Discover the food offer

Sunday Park x Crédit Mutuel

Discover the food offer

Around 20 restaurants will be available for your culinary delight at the 15th edition of Nuits Sonores. Each restaurant will be hand-picked by the NS team, and only those who serve food that is exclusively local, organic and sustainable will make the cut. But it doesn’t stop there.


We will be educating each restaurant on the best raw vegetable materials to use for their cutlery, crockery and containers, in order to limit any overpacking and facilitate waste separation.

Nuits Sonores will endeavour to work alongside these restaurants in order to provide a varied and high quality selection of seasonal food, all available at affordable prices.


Finally, and for the very first time, Nuits Sonores will be providing tables and chairs at its main venues (the Fagor-Brandt Factory, La Sucrière and Les Subsistances) to allow festival-goers the chance to take some time out to eat together in a fun and cosy environment.

The highlights of Nuits sonores 2017 around the plate

La Table de Nuits sonores 2017 on the main Nights

For the first time, the main Night venue offers a large covered hall, entirely dedicated to the public catering and proposes about fifteeen food stands.


Away from the stages, thought like a breathing bubble, this hall will also be a meeting-point for festival-goers, an area of tranquility, rest and conviviality.
Real space for sharing, the design team will pay particularly attention to this fourth hall of the Old Fagor-Brandt factories.

La Table de Nuits sonores 2017 at Sunday Park x Crédit Mutuel

Sunday Park x Crédit Mutuel is the festival's closing program, federative, accessible to all and transgenerational. For its 15 years, Sunday Park x Crédit Mutuel is organized around a large and unique banquet on the site of The Subsistances.