Nuits sonores?

In 2017, Nuits Sonores is celebrating its 15th birthday! An idea born during the summer and autumn of 2002, Nuits Sonores was originally invented as a platform on which to share thoughts, artistic projects and cultural initiatives.
A cultural, artistic and urban laboratory.


Over the last 15 years, the festival has transformed – slowly but surely, in its own humble yet determined way – into a choice overview of all that is modern and cutting edge in the fields of independent, electronic and digital culture.
With its finger forever on the pulse of the latest innovations and future developments in the creative world, since the beginning Nuits Sonores has had a forward-looking and pioneering vision: still today, the festival scours Europe and beyond in search of tomorrow’s artists and emerging aesthetics, always on the lookout for new uses and innovative practices.


The festival brings together the values of openness and cultural crossover, defending the universality of music and breaking down artistic barriers. In doing so, it has initiated multiple forays into the creative worlds of design, image, graphic art, food culture and architecture

A unifying force, Nuits Sonores is all about accessibility and the drive to bring audiences together, regardless of generational, social or territorial barriers. The fruits of this ambition can be seen in the impact that Nuits Sonores has on local communities, neighbourhoods and living spaces. Every year, for 5 days and 5 nights, the festival occupies around 40 venues throughout the city: from exceptional industrial heritage sites, to everyday areas and iconic landmarks. Nuits Sonores temporarily transforms Lyon into a unique site of freedom, friendship and sharing.


The time has flown by since 2003. We now look back with fondness on those very first notes ringing out at the Rhône Swimming Pool, and since then the good times, the great artists, and the local cultural figures who have helped us – from day one – make Nuits Sonores the collective adventure that it is.


We firmly believe that the project has retained its original values and convictions: an urban, independent, sociable, open event with a taste for the different and the diverse, a feel for hospitality and the obvious joy that comes with sharing wonderful moments with the public.

For 15 years, the festival’s team – the Arty Farty family – have put their bodies and souls into bringing this project into existence, helping it to grow, making it bigger, better, stronger, more coherent, more international, more flexible and more welcoming. We have worked on our project like any conscientious craftsman would, fine-tuning every last one of its thousands of component parts and configuring every last setting.


We are enormously proud of what Nuits Sonores has become, of the status that the festival now holds in Lyon and in Europe, and of the loyalty shown by the many thousands of visitors, artists, professionals and volunteers who attend from all over the world.


We can’t wait to see you all again between 19th and 28th May, for an unforgettable celebration!

Vincent Carry

Nuits sonores has a total of 9 day & night programs, allowing festivalgoers the flexibility to choose their own program based on their particular interests.


Real start of the festival, the opening is the essential meeting for professionals, journalists, partners or festival's aficionados.


 Les Nuits : Nuit 1 - Nuit 3 - Nuit 4

The night program, heart of the festival. Wednesday 24, friday 26 and saturday 27 may.

 Nuit 2, le Circuit

The "Nuit 2 / Le Circuit" allows the audience to wander on thursday 5 may among 15 steps proposed by the festival, in partnership with the organizations that cooperate to the electronic ans independant music development in Lyon.

 Le Concert Spécial

Dedicated to an iconic band of electronic and independant music history, it aims to enlight an artist, a concept, a sonic experience.

 Carte blanche to Lisbonne

After paying tribute to Warsaw, Brussels, Tokyo, New York, Glasgow or  Seoul, Nuits sonores invites Seoul.


 NS Days : Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3

Day program of the festival, Arty farty puts the NS Days commands in the hands of electronic culture's key artists. The "A day with" program offers to devote each day of Nuits sonore to a personality that represent the artistic spirit of the festival.


Mini sonore

Nuits sonore doesn't forget its mini festival-goers and offers children to live their own festival by joining the Mini sonore program. The concept is simple: to immerse children into Nuits sonores's universe by introducing them to mulitple artistic disciplines presented in the festival.



Curious, extravagant and one of its kind, Extra! invites cultural activists and electronic culture addicts to move in incredible and unusual spots, to reinvent our daily places and to organize an event presented at Nuits sonores festival.


 Sunday Park x Crédit Mutuel

This year, Sunday Park x Crédit Mutuel will propose a big meal for its last day, and a bazar organized by some cultural personalities of Lyon.